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Thanks for opening this email. I’m part of a large community of travel, eco, nature writers joining the tribeofnomad.com

As i’m no longer using this site for my person projects i’d like to extend a welcoming hand and invite you to join us and subscribe to our new website, which i’m sure you’ll agree looks incredible with all its user generated content.

In the next days we are going to be uploading a HUGE travel resource to help you all travel the world, cheaper, better and for longer. so DONT miss out!

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Love, peace and harmony!

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Filming has wrapped!

So around 2 weeks ago the filming finished, and i am so excited.

We had many crazy time on the camino losing our camera man to injury, accidently burning audio wires on our camp fire and so much more.

But the footage is looking incredible, and i can’t wait to show you all, there is a secret teaser on my website (http://www.aaronleaman.com) if you click on the top poster.

The only issue now is i’m looking for a macbook pro to edit the movie (i dont have a computer to edit it!) so if anyone wants to help get the movie made and maybe get something if the movie succeedsthat would be great! 

Anyhow, enjoy the images!




juliusmovie posterItalianUntitled298323-1