One week later… Walking the Camino (Day One)

Wow, what a week. Day one was one of the hardest days i’ve encounted, hiking 1500 metres to the top of the pyrenees in 30 degree heat was extremey challenging, yet very rewarding at the top as the views were absolutely stunning, after reaching the peak we got caught up in the clouds and extremely frequent lighting.. One such bolt struck only 200 metres from us, leading to us chucking down our packs and running for cover (we had alot of metal and camera equipment so we thought we best be safe!) we then got caught in extreme fog and could hardly see infront of ourselves, but this lead to some incredible glide shots which i cannot wait to view over again.. Eventually we headed into an extremely fogy forest where we thought we were safe from the weather only to be hit by the large hail storm i’ve ever seen. Hail the size of pebals… Maybe a slight exaggeration but it hurt! fortunately there was a pilgrim shelter 500 metres ahead of us, and we managed to start a fire and get dry.. only to be joined by lots of other pilgrims, and managed to get some great portraits of other walkers.. From there we walked down the steepest descent into a wet and slipper forest where i nearly broke my ankle (praise the walking sticks, without them i would have had a break as they took most of the weight!) and that is a quick summery of the 28k we walked on the first day up and down over the pyrenees not forgetting each of us (3) had 15KG backpack full of equipment. We ended up at an extremely large alberque that roomed hundreds of pilgrims a night.. the snooring wouldn’t have been missed or the loud unconcious farting that kept me awake.

But thats life as a pilgrim, we also shot some incredible interviews, we only have a few currently, but our first was a tear jerker.. and i can’t wait for everyone to see it!

The bullrunnings also begin on monday so we are very excited about shooting that.

As you know we are currently running a funding campaign via kickstarter to help fund the crew, there is essentially no budget and our soundman is spending the night sleeping the streets of pamplona (05-07-14) as money is very tight (it was his suggestion!!) so we need help!

we are 55% of the way towards to goal with 25 hours┬áto go, and we’re hoping we’ll recieve more of your support!

So if you can, please click here and help us make this movie less of a struggle, for us would-be pilgrims

Check out some of the images below from our documented journey so far